Swimming For A More Effective Cardio


A lot of people have engaged into many physical activities, and most of them chose swimming. There are a lot of real advantages to swimming, but here are the 3 main reasons why you should consider this type of activity as a part of your daily routine.

Improved Breathing Control

Unless a special form of weed from a magical world could enable humans to have gills, it is impossible for men to breathe under water. The art of swimming is also grounded on the fact of well-timed breathing matched with the right movement of your other body parts. Swimming trains your lungs to control its breathing and it teaches your body that harmony in movement is necessary to achieve the act. This coordination between your skeletal muscle system and your respiratory system creates a connection that becomes second nature in the long run.

Improved breathing control is beneficial for radio speakers, dancers, athletes and even singers. Many recording artists have improved their vocal control and ability by improving the link between their respiratory breathing muscles with the other parts of the body. This can easily be achieved by activities such as swimming.

Whole Body Exercise

Even when you are not doing anything the act of attempting to stay afloat in the pool burns a lot of calories. Note that the water pressure or also known as hydrostatic pressure exerts force against your body. Your body’s attempt to resist this force lets you improve your metabolic processes leading to increase breakdown of reserves and elimination of excess stored calories. What that medical language is saying is you get to lose weight simply by submerging your body in the water. It is much better though if you stay in the water and move around. Swimmers are known to have the best muscle form and body fat indexes because of their healthy metabolism and sufficient amounts of exercise.

When you go to a gym and you want to improve your muscle tone you will need to do a lot of different exercises for different body parts. It’s easy to get confused with these exercises. Swimming on the other hand only requires you to coordinate your movement in the water and it already targets all of your muscle groups in your body.

Lesser Risks for Injury

Running puts a lot of pressure on your lower body parts. The amount of pressure is usually taken by weight bearing joints such as the knees and the hips. These parts can show signs of degeneration a few years after consistent pressure from physical activity such as running. Swimming maintains body activity and increases metabolic processing without doing a similar damage. This is the reason why it is the recommended exercise for people with scoliosis. It is the only form of exercise that targets your entire body without putting much pressure on your spine.

Swimming is an excellent exercise which is the reason why most people are engaging in this type of activity. There are many other benefits that you will discover once you begin gaining freedom in the water.