Learn Everything About Macro Dieting


The desire to lose weight is often driven by the social standards set by social media sites and other forms of media advertisement. A famous lingerie brand even has an annual fashion show featuring models who are extremely fit solidifying the international standard of beauty often equated with a sexy and healthy body. Other than wanting to look good when you take your clothes off, the primary reason to lose weight and achieve your ideal body mass index should be to improve your overall health status and productivity.

Various techniques have risen to popularity because of their individual promises of making you lose all the unwanted fats in your most dreaded areas. Slogans that read “Money back Guarantee – If you don’t lose at least 30 pounds in 30 days” were widely used to have consumers all over the world swiping their credit cards with every new slimming product that came out. One by one, these slimming products vanished along with their false promises.

The proven and tested way to lose weight and achieve optimum health and productivity is simply to move enough and eat right. Healthy diet and exercise can never be replaced by any other type of methods that attempts to create the short cut between your current status and your goals.

Methods that utilize the concepts of diet and exercise were the ones that generated visible results both aesthetically and objectively when you measure it on a scale. Macro dieting or Flexible dieting also known as If it Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) is one of the long surviving methods to control your diet for the purpose of either losing the weight or gaining muscle mass.

Macro dieting relies on the principle of managing the macro nutrient component of your diet which are the ones hugely responsible for your body weight gain or loss. The macro nutrients include your carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


Referred mostly as carbs, carbohydrates are the primary energy sources for your cells. The digestive system processes carbohydrates to its absorbable form which is glucose. Glucose is needed for cells to perform metabolic processes. Skeletal muscle cells will need glucose to contract making it a huge requirement for athletes and people engaging in physical activities.


In contrast to what people think that fat is bad, it actually plays a role in maintaining healthy metabolic processes. Eliminating 100% of the fat in the diet is unhealthy especially for men. Fat is an important component of the male hormone testosterone responsible for muscle growth and excess fat elimination. Fat also plays a huge role in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.


Protein has been referred to as the building blocks of all living things. For humans it is necessary for tissue repair and muscle growth. It would be impossible to increase your lean muscle mass without exercise and sufficient supplies of protein.

The concept of macro dieting is reliant on the concept of manipulating your intake of this 3 main macro nutrients. It does not guarantee immediate results but it does guarantee a safe and effective way to reach your goals.