Joe Wehinger: Entrepreneur of The Week

As a fitness coach, most people don’t realize that you have to be more than just knowledgeable in your space. You have to hustle for clientele, market well, manage your operations and still perform for your clients. As an entrepreneur, I recognize talent when I see it. Today, I’m starting a column called Entrepreneur of The Week to recognize local entrepreneurs that are hustling out there every single day to make things happen. These people don’t have the spotlight giants like Mark Z have, but make no mistake, they are just as smart and just as noteworthy in your community. Without, further adieu, here’s the rockstar of the week, Joe Wehinger.

Joe Wehinger

Living in the California area, Joe’s passion for show business and media started early. Joe is a media entrepreneur who got his start as a film director and producer for films and TV shows. Joe Wehinger’s first feature film The American Standards stars Golden Globe winners James Brolin and Joanna Cassidy with Tia Mowry.

After film, Joe moved into print media, starting his digital magazine, Daily Ovation, which provides interactive news on the hottest topics in the world daily. Today, Joe is the CEO of United Digital Associates, which engages in full promotion and production of original contents of all types.

As a media specialist, Joe provides a service every entrepreneur needs – the ability to get recognized and create buzz in your industry. That’s why I had Joe submit a video full of pure value for my readers on fundamental business branding tips.

You can reach out to Joe at: