Finding Clients For Your Fitness Business

If you’ve contemplated starting a fitness consulting business, I highly suggest you pursue your dreams. Its hard work, but when it comes together it’s one of the most fulfilling jobs anyone can have. Doing what you love every day brings fulfillment into your every day life and lets you live life on your own terms. Majority of the people that come to me for advice on starting their fitness businesses are very smart athletes and nutritionist that are extremely passionate about what they do. In fact, most people that come to me to start a fitness business and end up failing are some of the smartest people I know. So why do they fail? Surprisingly, they fail because they are unable to keep their business afloat – and this only happens due to a lack of clientele and retention. The concept of keeping your pipeline full isn’t new to sales. If you want to grow a business you must always be growing.

Don’t forget, “If you are not growing, you’re dying.” That’s why I always recommend new business to create valuable content or use lead generation software such as ScopeLeads to get their start in the business.

Creating Quality Content

As a fitness consultant or coach, it has never been easier for you to distribute your content to your clientele. Using your iPhone, you can promote your services on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube by showcasing your knowledge and posting your results everyday. If you are familiar with advertising and search, you can also reverse search clients talking about what you offer and provide them with value or target them with advertisement.

Lead Generation Software

When you first start off you can also use lead generation software to find clients online based on their profiles and what they like or do. Any information can be scraped off the internet, and potential client information is no different. For a great lead generation software, check out this ScopeLeads Review.

How To Track Fitness Data

fitness tracker

Tracking your diet and exercise has become popular in recent years, but the truth is doing this has been a key secret to how professional bodybuilders have been crafting their bodies for years. Everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to his competition was doing this in the 70s and 80s to optimize muscle growth and caloric efficiency. Today, with technology all around us, the cost of tracking your exercise and diet has significantly decreased, to a point where it is possible for everyone to be healthy. I visited a website to create a poll question, and received much interest in teaching people how to efficiently track their health.

Use Your Phone

Today your iPhone actually has everything you need to track your health. Sensors in your phone track your activity throughout the day. This is a great way to start if you don’t go to the gym or have never worked out before. Simply open the Health App and begin monitoring your daily steps or miles traveled and set a benchmark you wish to reach every day. This will make you more conscious of exercise and get you actively moving around to reach your goal.

Fitness Apps

Crowdsourcing today has made it extremely easy for you to track your caloric intake and make sure you stay within a healthy limit. Apps like MyFitnessPal now have information on every type of food, and with a simple measuring cup and food scale, you can track your intake to the gram. It also contains many restaurant menu items for when you are enjoying your night out and don’t know how much you have consumed.

Hire A Trainer

Tracking everything sounds simple, but most people require accountability to make sure they stay committed to their goals and are able to consistently make gains. This is where a trainer comes in handy. Hiring someone to create meal plans for you and make you more fit provides benefits that dramatically outweigh the costs. The downside is that not everyone can afford it – if that’s the case, focus on the first 2 options until you have more money.

Creating A Professional Fitness Video


Today, it has never been easier for fitness oriented people to follow their passion. With the help of social media anyone motivated and dedicated enough can make money by being fit through advertising, sponsorships and creating online content for your audience. While you can use mediums like Instagram, Facebook and and Snapchat, today we will focus primarily on Youtube.


As the saying goes, “location, location, location” is what matters the most. Find a good gym that has not only all the gear you need, but equipment that your audience is also likely to have so that when your video does get found it is instantly relatable. This will give you credibility with your fans by allowing you them to automatically have the ability to follow your lead. Remember, you are ultimately going to become their resource.


Most people wont realize this until they shoot their first video, but it takes more than a point and shoot camera to have a good quality video. Equipment required includes great artificial lighting if you dont have any natural light, a good microphone if you intend to speak at your gym, and a good tripod (for obvious reasons). These things will dramatically improve your video and give you a more professional look in today’s competitive fitness industry.


It will be in production that you ultimately define your style of filming, which ultimately becomes just as important to your brand as your logo. Most fans will notice and prefer your style of production over others. Some will like the raw and candid videos, while others will prefer the more professional ones. The most important thing of all is that you stick to your style once you develop it. If you are aiming to go with something more professional, differentiate your style by going with a professional video producer.

Tips For Beginner Joggers

Jogging For Beginners

A lot of people want to start jogging regularly, as it is a very convenient form of exercise that can go a long way towards improving your health and reducing the risks for certain illnesses. Many of this people gave up because of failure to consider certain things when attempting to do it for the first time. Here are some tips to help you as a beginner jogger.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

When beginning to jog the first challenge is always having a well-timed breathing. As you move your skeletal muscles the demand for oxygen to support the enormous metabolic processes happening increases. This will cause your lungs to expand more giving you the sensation that feels like you are not breathing enough air. When this happens most new joggers would resort to increasing their respiratory rate. This will not only exhaust you but it will not do any good in meeting the huge oxygen demands. A good way to start this area is to practice deep breathing so you extract the highest oxygen concentration with each inhalation.

Work Your Way Slowly

The body is not like a programmable machine. It needs to be trained and get used to the activities that we want it to be familiar with. Muscle memory is an important skill mastered by professional runners. This is when the conscious effort to coordinate muscle movement and breathing has diminished because the body has learned to do it on its own.

Warm up

If you want to avoid serious muscle and tendon injury resulting from cramps and rapid stretching, you need to do some warm up exercises before attempting to jog. Warm up exercises conditions your muscles and body parts that it is about to engage in an activity that will require it to be more flexible and mobile. Warm up exercises also reduces the possibilities of muscle pains after jogging.

Wear Protective Gear

Jogging exposes your weight bearing joints to prolonged mechanical pressure. The knees, most especially, take the impact of your weight as your feet hit the floor or the road when you are jogging. To maximize the protection in this part of your body you can wear a knee supporter which you can purchase in your nearest sports apparel shop.

Adequate hydration

When you jog or perform any other forms of exercise you tend to lose a lot of weight. The water loss through sweat is almost insensible. This is the reason why you need to consciously rehydrate in order to prevent dehydration. When jogging be alert for signs of light-headedness and blurring of vision. This could be a sign that your body is losing too much water and you are not replacing it fast enough. Schedule a water break between laps to avoid the fatal effects of water dehydration.

Jogging is an excellent exercise to maintain physical activity and to improve overall functioning. Like other types of exercises jogging does a lot in helping you burn calories, gain muscle mass and achieve the ideal body weight you have been aiming for. With a determined mind, nothing is impossible.

Swimming For A More Effective Cardio


A lot of people have engaged into many physical activities, and most of them chose swimming. There are a lot of real advantages to swimming, but here are the 3 main reasons why you should consider this type of activity as a part of your daily routine.

Improved Breathing Control

Unless a special form of weed from a magical world could enable humans to have gills, it is impossible for men to breathe under water. The art of swimming is also grounded on the fact of well-timed breathing matched with the right movement of your other body parts. Swimming trains your lungs to control its breathing and it teaches your body that harmony in movement is necessary to achieve the act. This coordination between your skeletal muscle system and your respiratory system creates a connection that becomes second nature in the long run.

Improved breathing control is beneficial for radio speakers, dancers, athletes and even singers. Many recording artists have improved their vocal control and ability by improving the link between their respiratory breathing muscles with the other parts of the body. This can easily be achieved by activities such as swimming.

Whole Body Exercise

Even when you are not doing anything the act of attempting to stay afloat in the pool burns a lot of calories. Note that the water pressure or also known as hydrostatic pressure exerts force against your body. Your body’s attempt to resist this force lets you improve your metabolic processes leading to increase breakdown of reserves and elimination of excess stored calories. What that medical language is saying is you get to lose weight simply by submerging your body in the water. It is much better though if you stay in the water and move around. Swimmers are known to have the best muscle form and body fat indexes because of their healthy metabolism and sufficient amounts of exercise.

When you go to a gym and you want to improve your muscle tone you will need to do a lot of different exercises for different body parts. It’s easy to get confused with these exercises. Swimming on the other hand only requires you to coordinate your movement in the water and it already targets all of your muscle groups in your body.

Lesser Risks for Injury

Running puts a lot of pressure on your lower body parts. The amount of pressure is usually taken by weight bearing joints such as the knees and the hips. These parts can show signs of degeneration a few years after consistent pressure from physical activity such as running. Swimming maintains body activity and increases metabolic processing without doing a similar damage. This is the reason why it is the recommended exercise for people with scoliosis. It is the only form of exercise that targets your entire body without putting much pressure on your spine.

Swimming is an excellent exercise which is the reason why most people are engaging in this type of activity. There are many other benefits that you will discover once you begin gaining freedom in the water.

Learn Everything About Macro Dieting


The desire to lose weight is often driven by the social standards set by social media sites and other forms of media advertisement. A famous lingerie brand even has an annual fashion show featuring models who are extremely fit solidifying the international standard of beauty often equated with a sexy and healthy body. Other than wanting to look good when you take your clothes off, the primary reason to lose weight and achieve your ideal body mass index should be to improve your overall health status and productivity.

Various techniques have risen to popularity because of their individual promises of making you lose all the unwanted fats in your most dreaded areas. Slogans that read “Money back Guarantee – If you don’t lose at least 30 pounds in 30 days” were widely used to have consumers all over the world swiping their credit cards with every new slimming product that came out. One by one, these slimming products vanished along with their false promises.

The proven and tested way to lose weight and achieve optimum health and productivity is simply to move enough and eat right. Healthy diet and exercise can never be replaced by any other type of methods that attempts to create the short cut between your current status and your goals.

Methods that utilize the concepts of diet and exercise were the ones that generated visible results both aesthetically and objectively when you measure it on a scale. Macro dieting or Flexible dieting also known as If it Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) is one of the long surviving methods to control your diet for the purpose of either losing the weight or gaining muscle mass.

Macro dieting relies on the principle of managing the macro nutrient component of your diet which are the ones hugely responsible for your body weight gain or loss. The macro nutrients include your carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


Referred mostly as carbs, carbohydrates are the primary energy sources for your cells. The digestive system processes carbohydrates to its absorbable form which is glucose. Glucose is needed for cells to perform metabolic processes. Skeletal muscle cells will need glucose to contract making it a huge requirement for athletes and people engaging in physical activities.


In contrast to what people think that fat is bad, it actually plays a role in maintaining healthy metabolic processes. Eliminating 100% of the fat in the diet is unhealthy especially for men. Fat is an important component of the male hormone testosterone responsible for muscle growth and excess fat elimination. Fat also plays a huge role in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.


Protein has been referred to as the building blocks of all living things. For humans it is necessary for tissue repair and muscle growth. It would be impossible to increase your lean muscle mass without exercise and sufficient supplies of protein.

The concept of macro dieting is reliant on the concept of manipulating your intake of this 3 main macro nutrients. It does not guarantee immediate results but it does guarantee a safe and effective way to reach your goals.