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Tags can be purchased at the City of Ellis Clerks Office.  All dogs must be registered once a year.  When registering a new dog tag will be issued for the dog to wear on its collar.  If dogs are not registered, owners will be ticketed for no city tag.  It is important the dog wears their tag so if picked up by an Ellis Officer they can return the dog to their home.
Neutered/spay Dogs: $5 a year
Non-Neutered/spay Dogs: $10 a year


The dog pound is located east of the campgrounds.  All dogs that are picked up by the Ellis Police Department who do not have tags are taken to the pound.  Dogs can stay in the pound up to five days.  They are then taken to the Humane Society to be destroyed.  To retrieve your dog from the pound contact the Ellis Police Department.  To get your dog out of the pound you must show the dog's current rabies vaccination and it must have an Ellis City tag.


$12 a day


Bring your bicycle to the Ellis Police Department and get it registered.  We will give you a registration number specific to your bicycle so if it is ever lost or stolen we can return it to you.  Bicycle registration is free.


On a nightly basis the Ellis Police Patrol Officer checks businesses to make sure they are locked and secure.  Once a month a building check card is left to notify the owner their business has been checked.  Every other night the building is checked no card is left.  If a building is unlocked or there is damage to a business the owner is contacted right away.


Ellis Lakeside Campground is located seven blocks south off the 145 Ellis exit at the 300 block of east 8th Street.  For more information contact ellisclerk@eaglecom.net or call (785) 726-4812.

The Ellis Police Department helps the City Clerk's Office with collecting camper's fees.  While on patrol an officer will stop to collect the camping fee.  A receipt is given to all campers at the time of collection for proof of payment.  A comment card is also provided to inform us how our services were.  All comment cards can be dropped into the comment box between the restrooms at the camp site.


In season rates are from early April to mid November (full service)

$15 per night for motor homes, pull-types or pickup camper. 
$10 per night for tents

Off season rates are 1/2 price (bath house closed)


Municipal Court Arraignments are always held on the third Friday of each month at 8:00 a.m. unless the Friday falls on a holiday.  In such case the Judge, City Prosecutor and Court Clerk will determine the re-schedule date.

City of Ellis Municipal Court is located at 815 Jefferson Street, Ellis, KS 67637.  Ellis Municipal Judge Ross Wichman, City Prosecutor  Olavee Raub and Court Clerk Margie Mickelson.  For more information contact Margie Mickelson at
ellisclerk2@eaglecom.net or you can obtain a Municipal Court Information Brochure at City Hall.


The Ellis Police Department provides 24 hour fingerprint services at no charge. This includes children finger printing and identification kit. 


Let the Ellis Police Department know when you are going out of town.  We can do extra patrol on your residence while you are gone.  Just come in to the department or call. 


All accident records are kept on file.  Stop by and pick up or have your insurance company contact us. Accident reports are $5.00.  For other reports a court order is required.


The Ellis Police Department does vehicle unlocks for people who have locked their keys in their vehicle. This service is free.
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