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Kid Zone


Keeping kids safe is extremely important to the Ellis Police Department. Here are a few tips to keep kids safe....


* Immediately contact an adult.
* Call 9-1-1.
*Tell dispatch your problem.
* Give dispatch your name and address.
* Remain on the phone for instructions.
* Stay on the phone until help arrives.


* Never approach an unfamiliar animal.
* Be cautious; animals of all sizes may bite.
* Tell an adult if you are bitten by an animal.
* If an adult is not around call 9-1-1.


Avoiding Fights

* Fights are not the answer for solving problems.
* Take a step back.
* Get the facts straight.
* Be willing to listen.
* Don't be afraid to admit you were wrong.
* Discuss ways to solve the problem.

Bad Weather                      

* Talk with your parents about the safe areas of your house. 
* Go immediately to a basement if one is available.
* Stay away from glass windows.
* Go to a hallway or a bathroom for safety.
* If you are outside when bad weather hits, go indoor immediately.
* If your house is not close, find a safe place and call your parents.
* Stay indoors until bad weather is over.


* Always try to stay with a group of friends.
* Walk with confidence.
* If asked to fight, say "NO!" and walk away.  Don't argue.
* If the bully continues to pick on you, tell an adult or call the police.

Stop Bullying Now Website

Bus Safety

* Stay on the curb while waiting for the bus.
* Don't approach the bus until it comes to a complete stop.
* Be careful when approaching the bus.
* If you can't see the bus driver, the bus driver can't see you.
* Always cross in front of the bus, NEVER walk behind the bus.
* Enter and exit the bus in single file.
* Always stay seated then bus in moving.
* Always obey school bus rules.


Clothes on Fire

* If your clothes catch on fire, "Stop, Drop and Roll!".
* If your friends clothes catch on fire, don't let them run; yell, "Stop, Drop and Roll!".
* Once they are down and rolling, use a rug, blanket, towel, or other heavy cloth to help put out the fire on their clothes.
* Get an adult to help.             
* Call 9-1-1.

Drugs & Alcohol

* Say "NO".  It takes courage to do what's right.
* Change the subject.
* Suggest other activates like sports or games.
* Walk away and report it to an adult.

Drugs & Needles

* Never touch them!
* Leave the area.
* Tell a trusted adult.
* If an adult is not present, call 9-1-1.


* Never put anything other than a plug into an electrical outlet.
* Never take apart or try to fix electrical equipment without an adult present.
* Tell an adult about any electrical appliance that starts smoking, smelling funny, or makes sparks or funny noises; unplug it quickly, if you can.
* Don't climb power lines or anything near power lines.
* Don't have power cords near bathtubs, sinks or puddles of water.


* For police, firefights, or emergency medics; dial 9-1-1.
* Tell dispatch what your emergency is.
* Give them your full name and address where the help is needed.
* Listen to what dispatch tells you to do.
* Hang up only when dispatch tells you to.


Friends Using Drugs

* Talk to your friends and try to help.
* Tell your friends about the dangers of drugs.
* Encourage your friend to talk to their parents or another trusted adult.
* Remember it takes courage to help a friend with a drug problem.

Home on Fire

* Work with parents on a fire escape plan.
* The plan should include how to get out, who helps who, and where to meet once outside.  It is important to have a place where everybody meets so that you know no one is left behind.  Practice the plan!
* Know two ways out of every room.
* Remember lights my not work during a fire.  Know how to get around in the dark.
* Don't stop to take anything.
* Stay low to the ground if smoke is present.
* Feel doors with the back of your hand.  If fire is on the other side of the door the doors and handles maybe hot.  If so, find another exit.
* Never go back into a burning building.
* Call 9-1-1 from a neighbors house.
* Never try to put a fire out, no matter the size.


Home Phone Safety

* Talk to your parents about how you should answer the telephone.
* If you are allowed to answer the phone, say "hello" but never give your name.
* Never give out information about you or your family.
* Never tell the caller you are home alone.
* If you are afraid, call your parents.

If You Are Lost

* Stay calm.
* Stay where you are because your parents or group may be looking for you.
* Give them a chance to find you.
* If no one arrives soon, look for the police or a trusted adult.
* Know your address and phone number.
* Find a phone and call 9-1-1.

Internet Safety

* Stay away from strangers on the Internet.
If anyone uses nasty language or mentions things that make you uncomfortable, don't respond and log off.
* NEVER give your real last name, address, or telephone number to anyone; if someone asks for this information (or for your password) , don't respond. Log off and tell a adult.
Never agree to meet with someone you've talked with on the Internet.
* There are places on the Internet which are for adults only; if you find yourself in an "adults-only" place, or anywhere you think you shouldn't be, leave!

Guns & Knives

* STOP!  Guns, knives and other weapons are very dangerous!
* Never touch a weapon, no matter where you find it.
* Leave the weapon alone and tell an adult right away.
* If an adult is not around call 9-1-1.
* Listen to dispatches instructions.

Park Safety

* Always ask permission to go to the park and play.
* Play in groups.
* Don't play in the street.
* Don't chase a ball or toy into the street.
* If you are playing in a park, follow the park rules.
* Watch for broken glass, sharp objects, or other dangerous objects.
* Always pick up your trash.
* If a stranger approaches you tell an adult or call 9-1-1.

Pedestrian Safety

* Walk with other kids when possible
* Stay out of the streets
* Use sidewalks where available, or walk in the grass
* Walking in the street is dangerous. If you have to walk in the street, stay as close to the edge of the pavement as possible; and walk facing traffic.
* Always obey traffic lights and signals
* Use cross walks when crossing the street, or cross at street corners.
* NEVER accept a ride with anyone unless your parents tell you it is safe.


* Stay calm!            
* Try to keep the person still and calm.
* Save the poison container or give it to an adult.
* Call 9-1-1.
* Tell dispatch what your problem is, give your full name and address where you need help.
* Stay on the phone with dispatch.

Preventing Fires

* Never play with matches or lighters.
* Never handle gasoline or other liquids that burn.
* Always be careful around stoves, heaters, or an open fire.
* Don't cook without a adult present.
* If someone catches on fire, follow stop, drop, roll.
* If something catches on fire, call 9-1-1.

Someone Stealing

* Stealing is a crime.
* Report someone stealing to a teacher, a police officer, parent or another adult.
* Give names of other people who may have seen what happened.
* Let an adult help you solve the problem.



* Yell "NO!" and get away quickly.
* Tell a adult or call 9-1-1.
* Remember what the person looked like and what they were wearing.
* No adult ever needs a kids help.  If a stranger asked you to help them find something or someone run away fast.  Don't stop until you are with a trusted adult, then call 9-1-1.
* Don't accept anything from strangers.
* If a person makes you feel uncomfortable, get away from them.
* NEVER accept a ride or go with a stranger.

Water Safety

Keep all glass objects away from the pool area.
* Never participate in water sports alone. 
* Make sure you have adult permission and supervision.
* Never run around a swimming pool.
* Be familiar with safety equipment and know where it is located.

* Don't dive at the shallow end of a pool or into a shallow pool.
* Don't participate in outdoor water sports in bad weather.
* If someone is drowning, get help right away.
* Tell a lifeguard or call 9-1-1.



* Head injuries can be serious. Protect your head; wear a helmet! If you are using a skateboard, roller blades, or skates, also wear elbow and knee pads.     
See and be seen -- wear proper clothes and reflectors.
* Make sure your equipment is safe and properly adjusted.
* Use marked paths and safe areas when possible.
* Use hand signals when turning.
* When riding bikes on the street, always go in the same direction as car traffic.
* Don't ride double.
* Obey the rules of the road.
Ride slow in parking lots and watch for pedestrians, especially if they have packages or small children with them.
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